Brush up on your historical Psych knowledge because we're calling all Psych-Os to join in the ultimate Psych trivia competition – The Psych-Off LIVE during the first three episodes of Psych All-Night from Midnight- to 3am. You’ll be competing against the best of the best (aka your fellow Psych-Os) to earn points, climb the leaderboard (no physical climbing necessary), and win the ultimate Psych Prize Pack.

When you tune-in to Psych All-Night on USA Network, go to on your phones, tablets, laptops, sentient pineapples… any device will work. You’ll answer polls and trivia, and rack up points along the way. We’ll periodically show the leaderboard on-air, so that you can track your progress, size up the competition, and bask in the glorious recognition of your status as Psych-O extraordinaire. The winner of each hour will win a coveted Psych Prize Pack, and the winner of the whole Psych-Off will win a prize pack so awesome, so Psych-otically sweet, we’re currently not at liberty to discuss its contents. (But we can give you a hint: it will contain an actual prop from the Psych set— that's right, a real piece of Psych history!)